Buying Guidelines

Guidance Notes for Buying a Property

When buying a property, the first thing you need to ascertain is how much you are able to borrow (unless of course you are paying cash).

There are various Banks/Building Societies/Financial Institutions which can offer you a mortgage.  This will involve you making an appointment so that they can go through the mortgage process with you.  Whoever you choose to go with will issue you with a Decision in Principle/Mortgage in Principle which your Estate Agent will need to see sight of to enable you to make an Offer on a property.

We are able to refer you to a Mortgage Advisor if you would like us to.


Additional fees in purchasing a property may include:-


Mailing List

You can be placed on our mailing list which enables you to get the first look at the new properties which are listed with us.


Making an Offer

When you have decided that you have found a property you would like to buy, we would need to see a copy of your Decision in Principle (as previously referred to) or proof of your cash if you are a cash buyer.

Once an offer has been agreed we will need to have details of which Solicitor/Conveyancer you are going to use.  We can also get you a quote if it helps.

Money Laundering – We would also need copies of your identification i.e. passport or driving licence, proof of residency i.e. Bank statement or utility bill.



Once we have received Solicitor’s / Conveyancer’s details for both the vendor and the purchasers we can send out a Memorandum of Sale confirming the purchase price agreed and relevant details.  This enables the Solicitors to contact each other.

The Solicitor/Conveyancer will send you the relevant paperwork and guide you through the process.